Review – Something So Irresistible (Something So #3) by Natasha Madison

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Something So Irresistible by Natasha Madison
Series: Something So #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sports
Release Date: January 8, 2018
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Max Horton

They call me an outcast like it’s a bad thing.

An asshole byproduct of a shitty upbringing. I don’t care about anything except myself and my little sister. I will always protect what’s mine.

With one year left on my hockey contract I’m keeping my head down and my eyes on the goal.

A collision, with her, changes my entire existence.

Allison Grant

Never fall in love with a sports star.

That’s what my stepfather always said. He told me athletes are complicated and moody—that the higher their paycheck, the lower their morals.

As public relations for the New York Stingers I know exactly what he means, but I can’t seem to say no to a friendship with one beautiful, damaged man.

What started out as hate turned into something else.

We tried to stay away, to keep our distance, but the pull was too strong.

Something forbidden turned into something so irresistible.


Wow! Oh my freaking goodness after that phenomenally shock worthy conclusion in Something So Perfect (although these books can be read as standalones, I strongly recommend reading all of them because they are all so AMAZING) I just knew that I needed to get my hands on Something So Irresistible because I had to know what happened between Max Horton and Allison Grant and how these two completely opposite characters ended up together!

When readers are first introduced to Max he was, please pardon my language…a real DOUCHE. So you can imagine my apprehension as to whether or not he could possibly be redeemed in my eyes, but I’ve got to say that Natasha Madison sure knows how to grab ahold of a readers heart and wiggle the bad boy into our hearts. Seriously he now holds a special place in my heart and I couldn’t get enough of him.

Allison on the other hand I knew (from reading the other books in the series) so I was super ecstatic to get to know more about her as a grown women and watch her character blossom throughout this story! I thought that her and Max were the perfect match and these two had a tight grip on my heart throughout!

This story give readers that slow burning kind of romance and will leave them satisfied until the very end! I must say that I strongly recommend picking up this book and discovering the chemistry between these two amazing characters! Get ready to fall in love with Max and Allison today!

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About Natasha Madison

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…

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Review – Tempt The Boss (Tempt #1) by Natasha Madison


Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison
Series: Tempt #1
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 1, 2017
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Going back to work was supposed to be a painless transition, but when my new boss turns out to be an arrogant, cocky jerk, he quickly turns my professional life into a world of torture. Okay, fine, calling him an asshat before knowing he was my boss wasn’t my finest moment. Hating him should be easy. I just never counted on him being so gorgeous or charming when he’s not annoying me.


I expected my new assistant to be professional and punctual, but all I’m getting are dirty looks and rude comments. I should fire the little hellion, but instead all I can think about is bending her over my desk and breaking every rule I’ve ever made for myself.

One look. One touch. One night. If we break the rules, our lives will never be the same again.

Good thing rules were made to be broken. And besides, it feels so good to Tempt the Boss.


Tempt The Boss is one of those laugh out loud kind of stories that will leave readers rolling on the floor laughing their a** off from beginning to end! Seriously this story had me laughing so freaking hard that I had tears streaming down my face from this hilariously entertaining romantic comedy. Natasha Madison is a brilliant and talented author that sure knows how to capture a readers attention and keep them entertained until the very last page.

Lauren was an extremely strong women whose life comes crashing down when she discovers that her high school sweetheart turned husband has been unfaithful to her. Suddenly she is a single mother raising her two children and rejoining the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for many years. The last thing she is expecting is Austin, her new boss and the man she had a love-hate relationship with. When readers initially meet him I have to say that he is a real jerk and I wasn’t sure if he’d be redeemed in my eyes, but I have to say that I found myself falling in love with his character before abruptly having the rug pulled out from under me… Eventually, he returns to my good graces and captures my heart once again!

I’ve got to say that I felt that this story was hands down one of my favorite reads and I was extremely fortunate to have discovered this author in 2017! If you are looking for a enemies to lovers romance then you NEED to get your hands on a copy of Tempt The Boss today!


About Natasha Madison

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…

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Review – Chore Play (Dirty Truth #3) by Piper Rayne


Chore Play by Piper Rayne
Series: Dirty Truth #3 – Standalone
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 5, 2018
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People like to see the womanizing jerk fall…the one who takes the number, but never calls? The guy who beds and never weds? Everyone wants to see that guy fall in love, right?

Pfft. Sounds like a script straight out of one of the box office movies my clients make.

Get your head out of the clouds because in real life the arrogant player doesn’t fall head over heels for the feisty brunette.

Unless the feisty brunette met him years before he’d perfected his cool demeanor.  Unless she carved a spot out of his heart that never fully healed.

Our first meeting kick started my heart. Fourteen years later, our reunion was less heart and more kick. Turns out Quinn is just as hot and bothered to see me as I am her and I have the head injury to prove it.


When readers first met Jagger in The Manny he was the playboy who had a new girl in his bed every night and I have to admit that I was slightly apprehensive whether or not the dynamic duo would manage to redeem him in my eyes, but I should learn never to doubt these two! Chore Play, the third installment in the Dirty Truth series was hands down my favorite and the perfect book to start the new year off with.

If you are a fan of second chance romance then you certainly need to check out this book because our leading lady Quinn will show you that last impressions aren’t always the end and that love can conquer all. Gosh there is so much that I want to reveal about this story, but I think that this is the kind of story that needs to be experienced firsthand and trust me the shock factor will surprise all readers!

Make sure to pick up your copy of Chore Play today and fall in love with Quinn and Jagger’s love story!

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About Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two established authors for the price of one. You might be wondering if you know us? Maybe you’ll read our books and figure it out. Maybe you won’t. Does it really matter?

We aren’t trying to stamp ourselves with a top-secret label. We wanted to write without apology. We wanted to not be pigeon holed into a specific outline. We wanted to give readers a story without them assuming how the story will flow. Everyone has their favorite authors, right? And when you pick up their books, you expect something from them. Whether it’s an alpha male, heavy angst, a happily ever after, there’s something you are absolutely certain the book will contain. Heck, we’re readers, too, we get it.

What can we tell you about ourselves? We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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Review – You’ve Got Fail by Celia Aaron


You’ve Got Fail by Celia Aaron
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 26, 2017
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I single-handedly built the hottest website for dating and relationship advice. Got a question? Scarlet Rocket can answer it for you. I was your modern day agony aunt with the solutions to all your pesky personal problems. The only issue? I was actually a man named Willis Halloran, not the female Scarlet Rocket. I thought my secret was safe. But then a sexy con artist calling herself Scarlet Rocket began showing up at society events, pretending to be me. I couldn’t let it go, so I tracked her down and confronted her. It went well … except for the part where she stole my wallet. Oh, and the part where she conned my agent into having us work together. And after that? Let’s just say she wound up stealing something much more valuable than my wallet or my [fake] name.


Scarlet Rocket meet the other Scarlet Rocket…wait what? Will sparks fly when the hot nerd/advice columnist meets the con-artist?

Gosh! Where in the heck do I even begin?! After reading the title and blurb for this story I knew that I needed to get my hands on this one! Let me just say that I am beyond thrilled that I did because this book was addictively captivating and I seriously couldn’t get enough. In addition to falling in love with the whole concept of this story I also found myself falling in L-O-V-E with a brand new author since this happened to be my first Celia Aaron (but it certainly won’t be my last). This was such a fun and exciting read and one of my favs of 2017 for sure!

You’ve Got Fail by Celia Aaron was a hilariously comedic romance that had me laughing my a** off from start to finish! I freaking loved the humorous tone seen throughout the story and ended up devouring it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down! Trust me it was just that AMAZING and you will definitely experience that same feeling when you pick up your copy today.

YGF Teaser 235

About Celia Aaron

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Want a free bestselling book?

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Blog Tour & Review – Team Player: A Christmas Anthology


Team Player: A Christmas Anthology
Genre: Contemporary/Sports Romance
Release Date: December 14, 2017
Buy Now: Amazon


Eleven authors. Eleven Novellas. This is one thick…. book.

Christmas just became a whole lot merrier…


🏒 SIN BIN by Mandi Beck 🏒 [⭐⭐⭐⭐.5]

Sin Bin was my first taste at Mandi Beck’s beautiful writing style and all I can say is that I am hooked! Seriously if her full length stories are anything like this short novella then I cannot wait for more. Jason is a sexy NHL star with a swoon worthy smile that will melt the panties off of any gal. Enter Stella. She’s a no-nonsense kind of gal who refuses to take crap from no one. Let me just say that things get a little hot and heavy one night in the sin bin (pun fully intended) and six months later Jason gets the surprise of a lifetime. Get ready for the sweet dose of drama that’s about to come your way.

🏂 YARD SALE by Charleigh Rose 🏂 – [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

“When a skier or snowboarder eats it on the slopes and loses all of their gear. If a skier loses his skies, poles, hat, googles, and anything else, shout “YARD SALE” from the ski lift above him.”

Yard Sale features a cocky pro snowboarder, Cam, and a sweet out-of-towner, Mollie. What they thought was going to be a one-night stand turns out to be something so much more when they suddenly get the surprise of a lifetime. Charleigh Rose has once again captivated me with her one of a kind characters, even throwing in some old characters you might recognize if you’ve read her latest release, Bad Habit.This was a quick one sitting read and let me just say that I loved every second of it! I’m really hoping that these two reappear in Charleigh Rose’s next release in the Bad Love series!

SWEEPING THE SERIES by Kate Stewart ⚾ [⭐⭐⭐⭐]

Sweeping the Series was my very first Kate Stewart read. I can’t believe that I haven’t picked up one of her stories in the past. This story instantly drew me in and I found myself totally in love with our leads, Ren and Erica. Upon finishing their story, I discovered that this was actually part of the author’s Balls in Play series (totally have to read these ones ASAP)! This novella (although I think it could be considered a short full-length story) was a sweet second chance romance filled with a ton of witty banter, humor and lets not forget the sexual tension between these ex-lovers turned client/PR rep turned lovers again. Get ready for some hot and steamy chemistry between these two!

🏀 FULL COURT PRESS by Kennedy Ryan 🏀 [⭐⭐⭐⭐.5]

Full Court Press is only my second experience with Kennedy Ryan’s writing style and I have to say that I FLOVED every single moment of this emotionally captivating novella. You know what they say about first impressions…Lets just say that Avery and Decker’s was one for the books. Fast-forward 10 years later. These two have had their highs and their lows, but one thing is for sure…the undeniable attraction is still there. Although their story is short, you will still experience all the FEELS. If you are on the search for a slow burning romance, then this is the one for you!

🏒 SLAPPED INTO LOVE by Rochelle Paige 🏒 [⭐⭐⭐⭐]

Slapped into Love was my first experience with a Rochelle Paige story. This novella was super sweet and essentially a one-night stand turned second chance romance. We’ve got two pro athletes, a NHL player and an Olympic speed skater, who skates their way right into our hearts. The chemistry between Ryan and Tamara comes in with a bang and settles deep within our souls. It may have initially taken me a moment to get into this story, but once I did I couldn’t get enough of these two!

📣 OUT OF FORMATION by Ella Fox 📣 [⭐⭐⭐⭐.5]

Out of Formation was yet another great story from Ella Fox! I loved the concept of the novella, but I felt that things were slightly rushed due to the length. I must say that I would really love if this one was extended to a full length story one day because I really connected with Elena and Colin. If you love a good friends to lovers romance then you should check this one out!

🏒 BACK IN THE GAME by Meghan Quinn 🏒 [⭐⭐⭐⭐.5]

Back in the Game was an absolutely amazing read and I couldn’t help but devour every single word. The author did a phenomenal job hitting us with her hilariously funny humor in such a short and sweet novella. Calder is a sexy NHL player, but he’s really known as Wanda (if you want to find out what that means then you should totally pick up this anthology). Every great hero needs his own beautiful heroine…enter Rachel, a sassy kindergarten teacher. BUT WAIT! We can’t forget about sweet little Shea (Calder’s 5-year-old daughter). She is truthfully the star of the story even though she only has a few scenes. Get ready for some feel good “falling on the floor” laughable moments!

ONE GOOD MAN by Emma Scott ⚽ [⭐⭐⭐⭐]

One Good Man certainly came with a few unexpected surprise. The biggest having to be that the story was set in Paris, France in the 1970s. Janey dreams of being a hard hitting reporter, but of course she is set in the path of Adrian, a cocky soccer star who turns out to have a soft side. This novella was sweet, lovable and chock full of emotions. These two will capture you whole body and soul right from the very first page. Make sure to take time and check out this beautiful tearjerker read.

SWITCH HITTER by Sara Ney ⚾ [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

Switch Hitter was one of my most anticipated reads in this anthology, so I was super excited to dive in, but I paced myself and saved it for the very end. I am so glad that I waited because this was truly a perfect end to the #DreamTeam! Where to start? Amelia Ryan’s twin sister, Lucy, gets this bright idea for the two of them to switch places during a date with Dash Amado, the catcher of the college’s baseball team. Suddenly, the disinterested Dash finds himself falling for the new and improved “Lucy.” As much as I adored this novella, I was so sad that it wasn’t a full-length story (although the story did have a beginning, middle and end) because I FLOVED these two. OMG! Bring on JOCK ROW!!!

🏈 THE END ZONE by L.J. Shen 🏈 [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

The End Zone is a hot and sexy friends to lovers romance with just a splash of fake relationship tossed in for good measure. This novella features two childhood best friends who couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Seriously these two have that undeniable chemistry that leaps right off the pages! Jolie is the sweet gal who has admired her best friend from afar since she climbed out of her bedroom window that fateful night and Sage is the kind of man that puts the ‘ho’ in manwhore. If you’re on the search for a sexy romantic comedy with a little bit of sass that’ll leave you laughing and swooning all at the same time then this is the book for you!

🥊 CROSS by Adriana Locke 🥊 – not included in ARC copy 😭

About LJ Shen

L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.

Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Kennedy Ryan

Kennedy Ryan is a Southern girl gone Southern California. A Top 100 Amazon Bestseller, Kennedy writes romance about remarkable women who find a way to thrive even in tough times, the love they find, and the men who cherish them.

She is a wife to her lifetime lover and mother to an extraordinary son. She has always leveraged her journalism background to write for charity and non-profit organizations, but enjoys writing to raise Autism awareness most. A contributor for Modern Mom Magazine, Kennedy’s writings have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, USA Today and many others. The founder and executive director of a foundation serving Georgia families living with Autism, Kennedy has appeared on Headline News, Montel Williams, NPR and other outlets as a voice for families living with autism.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Adriana Locke

A contemporary romance author running on coffee and sticky kisses from my rowdy four little boys.

From Indiana, I’m a true Mid-Westerner. Life, for me, is about family, faith, and food. When I’m not running my kiddos around or having a lunch date of fajitas with my husband (and high school sweetheart), you can find me outside. I love a good sunny day almost as much as I love candy, random quotes, and steamy bad boys in fantastic books.

I’m on nearly every social media platform. Please find me on the ones you frequent – I love chatting with readers.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Mandi Beck

Mandi Beck has been an avid reader all of her life. A deep love for books always had her jotting down little stories on napkins, notebooks, and her hand. As an adult she was further submerged into the book world through book clubs and the epicness of social media. It was then that she graduated to writing her stories on her phone and then finally on a proper computer.

A nursing student, mother to two rambunctious and somewhat rotten boys, and stepmom to two great girls away at college, she shares her time with her husband in Chicago where she was born and raised. Mandi is a diehard hockey fan and blames the Blackhawks when her deadlines are not met.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Emma Scott

I write romances with flawed characters, characters with artistic hearts: builders, poets, and writers of various makes and models. I love to write book lovers; those who have found refuge, companionship, and escape in books, much as we do in real life. I like realism, honesty, authenticity in storytelling. I love to write about enduring love, soul-deep love, in as real a setting as I can make, but with big smooshy HEAs. I believe in diversity, open-mindedness, and inclusion. I like sweetness mixed with steam, love conquering all, and above all, hope. Love always wins.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Goodreads

About Charleigh Rose

We are a duo of an international best-selling author and a blogger who teamed up to write the kind of taboo, thought-provoking stories we love to read-without filters.

Both Charleigh and Rose are committed to giving you witty, sexy, gritty novels that will leave you craving more.

Connect with the author: Facebook / Facebook Group / Instagram / Goodreads

About Ella Fox

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country. Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Sara Ney

Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Meghan Quinn


Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Meghan has grown into a sassy, peanut butter eating, blonde haired swearing, animal hoarding lady. She is known to bust out and dance if “It’s Raining Men” starts beating through the air and heaven forbid you get a margarita in her, protect your legs because they may be humped.

Once she started commuting for an hour and twenty minutes every day to work for three years, she began to have conversations play in her head, real life, deep male voices and dainty lady coos kind of conversations. Perturbed and confused, she decided to either see a therapist about the hot and steamy voices running through her head or start writing them down. She decided to go with the cheaper option and started writing… enter her first novel, Caught Looking.

Now you can find the spicy, most definitely on the border of lunacy, kind of crazy lady residing in Colorado with the love of her life and her five, furry four legged children, hiking a trail or hiding behind shelves at grocery stores, wondering what kind of lube the nervous stranger will bring home to his wife. Oh and she loves a good boob squeeze!

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart lives in Charleston, S.C. with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. A native of Dallas, Kate moved to Charleston three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, and declaring it her creative muse. Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it’s what she loves as a reader. A lover of all things ’80s and ’90s, especially John Hughes films and rap, she dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity only and does a horrible job of playing the ukulele. Aside from running a mile without collapsing, traveling is the only other must on her bucket list. On occasion, she does very well at vodka.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

About Rochelle Paige

Rochelle Paige is the Amazon bestselling author of nineteen books. She absolutely adores reading and her friends growing up used to tease her when she trailed after them, trying to read and walk at the same time. She loves stories with alpha males, sassy heroines, hot sex and happily ever afters. She is a bit of a genre hopper in both her reading and her writing. So far she’s written books in several romance sub-genres including new adult, contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense.

She is the mother of two wonderful sons who inspired her to chase her dream of being an author. She wants them to learn from her that you can live your dream as long as you are willing to work for it.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / FB Group / Goodreads


Blog Tour & Review – Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart


Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 12, 2017
Buy Now: Amazon / B&N / Kobo / iBooks


Two mechanics. One rivalry.
She’ll prove she’s as good as she says she is.
He’ll prove her place isn’t under the hood.
It’s over it.

“Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

For twenty-six years, I lived by my daddy’s motto. Which is why “Mechanic Wanted” is all it takes for me to apply for the job at the garage we once owned.

And I meet the biggest bastard of them all.

Dexter Ryne. Hotter than Hell in July and a firm believer that my place is on reception, taking phone calls and looking pretty. Not getting dirty under the hood of a car.

Determined to prove each other wrong, we make a deal.

I have three weeks to prove my worth as a mechanic. If I don’t, I’m on telephone duty.

If I do, he’ll accept defeat and make my job permanent.

Now, all I have to do is fight my attraction to the cocky little… beep.

Problem is, an engine isn’t the only thing he knows how to make purr…


Emma Hart girl you have done it again! This might only be the second book I’ve read from this lady, but I think it’s safe to say that she has gained a brand-new “stalker” from this gal.

Miss Mechanic was yet another hilariously funny and addictively sassy romantic comedy. It is definitely true what readers say, “EMMA HART IS THE QUEEN OF ROMCOM!” This story came at just the right time because I needed an escape from reality and a good laugh thanks to the stress of finals (oh the life of a college student). Let me say that the book did just that and so much more. Once again I found myself intensely captivated by a story, which I managed to devour in only a few short hours. Trust me when I say that the second you pick up this book, you aren’t stopping until you reach the end.

If this gorgeous cover doesn’t reel you in, then the second you meet Jamie Bell and Dexter Ryne you’ll be booked. These two have an undeniable chemistry right from the start, but of course it wouldn’t be an good enemies to lovers tale without a little bit of drama with a whole lot of sexual tension. Working together side my side just got a lot harder (pun totally intended).

And don’t even get me started on those secondary characters…

If Aunt Greta’s hilarious antics don’t put a smile on your face then something is clearly wrong with you (no offense or anything, but I still can’t stop laughing when I think about her). Oh and we can’t forget Haley, Roxy and sweet little Charley (dang that little girl sure knows how to kick you into shape).

Dang. There is so much more I want to tell you about this story, but then I think I can just say…GO & FREAKING BUY THIS STORY NOW. Do it. Seriously drop everything you are doing right this second and fall in love with Jamie and Dex today!

About Emma Hart

By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies—usually wine—and writes books.

Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.

She likes to be busy—unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

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Blog Tour & Review – Captivated by Him by Terri E. Laine

Captivated by Him-ebook_v1 sm

Captivated by Him by Terri E. Laine
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Date Release: December 5, 2017
Buy Now: Amazon / B&N / Kobo / iBooks


From USA Today bestselling author Terri E. Laine comes a new standalone romance about an imperfect hero and the woman he can’t let go.

Fate plays matchmaker with my heart by repeatedly putting Gavin Volk in my path. Our mutually insane attraction is instant, captivating me from the first time we meet.

The wickedly gorgeous guy knows how to set my body on fire with just one look.
And he’s there for me like no guy has been before.

Only, he says he’s not boyfriend material, not good enough for me. But he won’t give me
a reason why.

If rumors at our college are to be believed, he’s dangerous, connected to the mob. I know he would never hurt me physically, but mentally he’s shielded by secrets he doesn’t trust me enough to share.

Yet, every time he kisses me, I feel it deep down in my soul.
Just when I think I’ve broken down his barriers, he builds a fortress between us again.

Though I want him.
And I know he wants me.
His secrets keep me far from his heart.

I should walk away with my pride intact.
I can’t keep allowing him in my life only to be shattered when he walks away.
Either he proves his love by trusting me or he needs to let me go for good.

However, my greatest fear is that if he tells me what he’s hiding, will I be strong enough to stay?


OMFG! Ever since devouring Because of Him back in September I have been “dying” to get my hands on Gavin and Megan’s story so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered that Captivated by Himwas set to release in December. Immediately I knew that this story was going to captivate me. Lets just say that the story certainly did that and so much more.

Since I only recently discovered Terri E. Laine’s writing this year, this was only the second book that I’ve read of hers, but it certainly won’t be the last and I know that one day when I have time in my super busy life that I will go back and read her past releases. Her writing style is so beautiful that I can’t help but think of how many incredible stories I’ve missed over the years. I truly hope to redeem myself soon…

Captivated by Him was an addictively captivating read that captured me whole body and soul, pulling tightly on every single one of my heartstrings from beginning to end. This is one of those stories that you want to both savior and devour at the same time. I have no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t had a million things to do (being an adult really sucks sometimes), I would have read this book in one sitting because I struggled to put Gavin and Megan’s story down. This story was filled with so many twists and turns that I had no idea what was around every corner (or page). When I first began this book I had no clue what to expect and lets just say that the author surprised me so many times throughout the story.

Since I can’t really tell you much more without spoiling this incredibly beautiful read, I will leave you with one final note… Although Because of Him and Captivated by Him are connected by the characters, they can both be enjoyed as standalones. However, being someone that FLOVED them so much, I can’t help but recommend reading them both! Trust me when I say that you won’t regret that decision for a second!

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About Terri E. Laine

Terri E. Laine, USA Today bestselling author, left a lucrative career as a CPA to pursue her love for writing. Outside of her roles as a wife and mother of three, she’s always been a dreamer and as such became an avid reader at a young age.

Many years later, she got a crazy idea to write a novel and set out to try to publish it. With over a dozen titles published under various pen names, the rest is history. Her journey has been a blessing, and a dream realized. She looks forward to many more memories to come.

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