Review – The Broken One by Christine H. Bailey


The Broken One by Christine H. Bailey
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Release Date: April 5, 2016
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Sixteen-year-old Farris is picking up the pieces after the untimely death of her best friend. But even one year later, she can’t seem to find “normal” again—not until Lane Evans pops back into her life and pushes her to face reality.

When he offers her the chance to find the truth, Farris fears what will surface. Is it too much too soon or just what she needs to move forward?


The Broken One is the first book that I’ve read from author Christine H. Bailey and I have to admit that I am impressed with the author’s writing style. This a relatively short book that can probably be read in one sitting if you enjoy reading books right away from the beginning to the end.

In this contemporary young adult book we meet sixteen-year-old Farris (can I just say that I absolutely adore unique character names so much — okay back to my review!) who is trying to rediscover herself after the unexpected death of her best friend. I felt that the author did an extraordinary job describing the pain she felt and how difficult it is to move on after someone close to you passes away. Depression is a terrible thing and is sometimes hard to explain properly, but I honestly believe that the author knew what she was doing.

Overall, I thought this was a well written book even though there were a few parts of the story that felt a little slow.


About Christine H. Bailey

Christine H. Bailey teaches creative writing and written composition at a private university in west Tennessee. Before teaching English, Christine worked as a journalist, a marketing/public relations writer, and a freelance editor.

Connect with the author: Website | FacebookTwitter | Goodreads



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