Bib·li·o·phile Fridays #14 – National Day the Music Died!


Bibliophile Fridays is a weekly meme hosted by me (Whoo Gives A Hoot) and Foxes and Fairy Tales on our blogs and for more information you can check out our Goodreads group. We have created this weekly meme in honor of the bibliophile population (we are a dying breed you know)! We are super excited to share this with our readers and we hope you will all join us in our fight to raise awareness for the bibliophile population…

This weeks theme is… National Day the Music Died! Choose 5 books that featured either music or death!

1. Love Evolution (Brutal Strength #1) by Michelle Mankin

This novel is a rockstar romance based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and the first in the Brutal Strength series. This follows the story of Avery Jones, a nineteen year old guitarist who finds herself lost and alone after her twin brother Justin Jones is “killed” after being caught fooling around with a mob bosses girlfriend. The stars begin to align when she is given the opportunity to audition for the band Brutal Strength, one of the most popular rock bands out there. Unfortunately, her dreams are quickly dashed when she learns that the lead singer Marcus Anthony doesn’t want a woman in the group. So what’s a girl to do? Avery and her manager Trevor decide to hide her true identity by changing up her appearance by giving her a Bieber haircut and dressing her in men’s clothing. The stars finally begin to align, but how long will things last when Marcus discovers who she really is?

I absolutely adored ever single moment of this beautifully written novel and the follow up ones! Marcus and Avery’s story is filled with so much passion that you can literally feel the words coming off of the page. I strongly recommend this book if you’re looking for a She’s the Man type of book! Plus you’ve got the added bonus of a rockstar romance so it’s a win-win-win anyway you look at it. The author Michelle Mankin know’s what she’s talking about and you will see that book after book!

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2. Fever (Songbird #1) by Melissa Pearl

This is the first novel in the Songbird series written by the extraordinary Melissa Pearl, one of my all-time favorite authors. All of the stories in this series can be read as standalones, but I think that you’ll experience so much more if you read them from beginning to end!

Fever is Ella and Cole’s tale! This heartwarming story completely changed my thoughts on singing in the shower. Ella Simmons didn’t want to move across the country, but she did because her boyfriend eventually convinced her to join him at UChicago to complete her education. But unfortunately soon after arriving she discovers that things aren’t all that great anymore and it hasn’t been for a longtime. One night while showering she hears a deep and sexy tenor voice that makes her feel weak in the knees, causing feelings she has never experienced before. Suddenly Ella begins questioning herself and her relationship. Is it cheating if she’s just attracted to a voice?

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads


3. The Survival Kit by Donna Freitas

I have to admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to read this book yet, but I’ve had it in my Amazon Wish List for years now. The Survival Kit follows the story of Rose who is struggling to come to grips after losing her mother. Her mother leaves behind a brown paper bag labeled Rose’s Survival Kit and includes an iPod, with a to-be-determined playlist; a picture of peonies, for growing; a crystal heart, for loving; a paper star, for making a wish; and a paper kite, for letting go.

Connect with the author: Website / Twitter / Goodreads


4. Slide (Black Addiction #1) by T. Gephart

This is the first novel in the Black Addiction series and also happens to be the first book I’ve ever read from T. Gephart. I instantly fell in love with her style of writing and she has now become one of my favorite authors (that I fan-stalk her for new books monthly). Even though this series can be read on it’s own, I discovered that it’s actually connected to two other series – Lexi and Power Station. After learning about that I went back and purchased all of the Lexi series and the Power Station series. I quickly devoured all of them and was instantly craving more. Ever time a new book was released I’d re-read all the series over again in anticipation!

Slide (Black Addiction #1) follows the story of Rusty Crawford and Alison Williams and how two completely different souls connect with instant chemistry off the charts. After touring with the famous rock band, Power Station, Rusty thought his band Black Addiction would finally hit it big and they’d have worldwide fame and fortune. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet even though he’s got that world down to a fine T. When Allison’s perfect life comes crashing down around her, she must reinvent herself and set outside of her comfort zone.

Connect with the author: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads


5. Moving Neutral (Moving Neutral #1) by Katy Atlas

Words can’t even begin to describe how much I loved this book and the series. However, I am seriously mad (not really, I completely understand) that the author teased us with a fourth book years ago and still hasn’t delivered the goods to her readers. I discovered this series shortly after the second book, Moving In Reverse, was published in October 2012. I think I’ve read this series at least once a year since 2012 because I am still hoping (and praying, and wishing) that one day we will finally get the see what happened between Casey and Blake [after their break up in the third book] <– TO REVEAL THE SPOILER HIGHLIGHT BETWEEN THE BRACKETS! I DIDN’T WANT TO RUIN THE BOOK JUST IN CASE YOU WANT TO GIVE THE SERIES A TRY! 🙂

This story follows Casey Snow, an eighteen year old who just graduated high school and Blake Parker, the lead guitarist from her favorite band, Moving Neutral, who might just happen to be the love of her life. There’s just one little problem — she’s grounded for life, or at least until she leaves for college after crashing her car into the side of her parent’s garage. With the help of her best friend they come up with a plan to sneak out and head off to one of the hottest concerts of the year. Casey’s world is about to change when a chance encounter in a coffee shop leads to the best summer of her life!

Connect with the author: Website / Twitter / Goodreads



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    1. Me too! When I first discovered this series I immediately fell in love. If you ever get a free moment I suggest checking it out! 🙂

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