Review – Complex Kisses by Kim Bailey


Complex Kisses by Kim Bailey
Series: Here & Now #1 
 Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 29, 2016
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When lost and living in the moment…can you be found with just a kiss?

Jamie Hartley ran away, leaving grief and heartache behind. Lost on her own. Raising a child. Her plan is simple. Make it through. Find her path. Survive.

Eric Anderson walked away, abandoning plans and expectations. Living day to day. Waiting for miracles. His goal is complicated. Make it through. Find a way. Endure.

In stolen moments of passion and pleasure, Jamie and Eric find reprieve from their complex lives.

Together, they eases the burdens. Together, they soothe the pain.

But can they recognize the future when it finds them?

Here and now.


Complex Kisses is the perfect beginning to a very promising writing career for author Kim Bailey! I absolutely adored this beautifully written story and was completely satisfied from the very beginning to the very end. As I have mentioned in previous reviews I am a huge supporter of debut authors. Whenever I start reading a new book from a new author I always go in with an open mind no matter what the number of negative reviews are because I believe that all authors deserve a second chance. This book did not disappoint and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next. If you are looking for the ideal weekend read and are willing to give this extraordinary debut author a chance then pick up a copy for only $0.99!

I don’t want to give anything about this book away, but I will you leave you with this GIF that I think perfectly summarizes Jamie and Eric’s intense romance. I’d love to hear from you all so after reading the book let me know what you think about the story below in the comment section!



About Kim Bailey

Kim Bailey is a Canadian author. She’s a born procrastinator and sarcasm junkie. She gets her motivation from coffee, the fact that her teenage children haven’t disowned her, and the smile on her husband’s face when she tells him “maybe.”

When she was young and naïve, Kim dreamed of being a documentary filmmaker, and script writer. But when real life happened, she went to a job that actually paid her. Now she’s a customer support specialist by day and romance writer by night.

Writing is something she’s always done – she has about 20 million half-started story ideas. She may also be a slight exaggerator.

Kim promised herself to set her fears aside and make the dream real. She’s working on that, one day at a time.

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Review – Something There In Between by S. Ferguson


Something There In Between by S. Ferguson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 19, 2016
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Bree Sutton has lost everything.

Shattered dreams and a lonely park bench are her only companions.

Happy endings aren’t for people like her.

Survivor Declan James knows what rock bottom looks like.

But he knows there can be redemption, no matter how far you’ve fallen.

You can try and fight it, but love doesn’t care how broken and battered you are. It’s always something there in between…

This book contains strong adult content that may not be suitable for readers sensitive to hard to read subjects.


I have always been a huge supporter for both debut and indie authors so I was extremely ecstatic to learn that I was selected to receive an ARC for Something There In Between by S. Ferguson. This was a beautifully written novel that captured my immediate attention right from the beginning. As soon as I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down and ended up finishing the entire book in less than two hours.

It’s important to note that this book is not for everyone and my deal with sensitive events that may not be suitable for all readers. Throughout this book we see get a glimpse into both Bree and Declan’s pasts and how time doesn’t always heal what’s wrong inside. The connection we instantly see between these two is uncanny. This book is told in alternating POV’s, which I have previously mentioned as one of my favorite narration forms. I adore this style because it allows the reader to see both sides of a story and gives us a look into what each of the main characters are feeling.

Bree’s life has never been easy. She grew up a daughter of a single mother who often used her as a punching bag. At the age of 16 she left her abusive home and ran away with her now ex-boyfriend Alex. What Bree thought was a second chance at a new life, quickly turned into another disaster when Alex abandons her without a word. Enter in Declan, a new bartender who sees right through Bree’s facade because he is able to connect with her on the same level. Right from the beginning there is no denying the connection between these two. Although I don’t want to give away too much of this book, I will tell you that if you give it a chance you will NOT regret it.



That does it for me.

The idea that someone is hurting her causes a rage I’ve only ever felt once before in my life to flow through my entire body. I clench my fists and decide now is the moment I confront her. Is there another asshole bothering her now? Did her douchebag ex make an appearance? I will fucking end whoever did this to her. I know without asking that Jake would have my back on that move. I’d be willing to bet money Ron would as well. It takes every ounce of strength I have, but I wait until the night is a little closer to being over before snatching her arm and pulling her through the doorway into the dark kitchen. I spin her around to the wall beside the doorway, leaning down so we’re face to face, eye to eye.

“You’re gonna tell me what the fuck is going on, and you’re gonna tell me right the fuck now. Is someone hurting you? Why are your knuckles all bruised? You been fighting?” I fire off everything at once, realizing I sound like a nagging girlfriend, but I need to know she’s okay. I NEED to get this off my chest.

Bree sighs deeply, her warm breath fanning across my neck, making me aware of our proximity. I have her pinned to the wall, my left hand is still gripping her shoulder, and my right hand is on the wall above her head. I’m being a bastard, and using my size to cage her in. I watch her closely for signs of fear, but she almost looks bored, and mostly just annoyed. I know she can still refuse to answer, but I’ll be damned if she gets away from me until I have my say.

She raises her eyes to give me an angry glare and I feel my dick twitch. Seeing fire in her eyes as opposed to the sadness they always carry makes her ten times hotter. Fuck, I’m an asshole. Something is seriously wrong with her, and I’m standing here getting turned on.

“I’ve just had a lot on my mind. I’ve been…training. You know exercising and punching a bag. That’s why my knuckles are bruised.” She raises an eyebrow at me, daring me to question her more. I smirk down at her…she has no idea who she’s messing with.

“You need to wear gloves then. You’re going to ruin your beautiful hands. You’re not actually sparring are you? ”I ask, my voice deeper than I intended. I’ve never been this close to her before, and my dick is currently trying to punch its way out of my zipper to reach her.

She glances down, and I have a moment of horror when I realize there is no way she’s going to miss my erection. I’m a healthy boy, and my jeans were already on the tight side. Her breath hitches, and she jerks her eyes back up to meet mine.

When I see the heat in her eyes, I swear I almost come in my pants like a teenager. Bree is fucking turned on by me. I can work with this. Letting go of her shoulder, I put my hand on the wall, completely closing her in, and lower my head towards hers.

“I don’t fool around with Ron’s guys,” she says softly, making no move to avoid my quickly approaching lips.

“Good thing I’m not one then,” I say, my mouth forming a smirk. I’m now so close to her lips I can feel their warmth on my own.

“YO BREE, where ya at?” I hear Jake yell from outside the door. His voice is like a splash of cold water, causing me to jerk back, and the moment is gone.

“My brother is an asshole,” I grumble, lowering my hands to adjust my erection, and backing further away from her.

“Your brother just stopped me from making a stupid mistake,” she says, before walking out of the door.

About S. Ferguson

Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Review – How To Be Someone Else by Rachel Del


How To Be Someone Else by Rachel Del
New Adult
Release Date:
 October 20, 2016
Buy Now: Amazon


Sometimes it is the one who knows you best who can love you best.

Penny has lived her life letting others take the reins, leaving her to simply follow in line. After completing her senior year of College she’ll join her father’s marketing firm, get married and start a family.

When her parents drop a bomb on her — that they are getting divorced — Penny decides it’s time to start living by her own rules. And when she meets mysterious P.J. Hawthorne, a published writer who seems to know much more about Penny than she lets on, she knows this is her chance to finally get her life moving in the right direction.

But as questions about her new life overwhelm her, so do thoughts of sweet and gorgeous Alex — who just so happens to be her best friend.

What follows is a series of poor decisions, each one more worrisome than the last, forcing Penny further and further away from not only Alex, but from becoming the woman she’s sure she’s meant to be.


This is the first book that I have been fortunate enough to read from author Rachel Del and I can happily tell you that it will not be my last. When I first came across this book on YA Bound Book Tours I jumped at the opportunity to read and review it. The cover was what immediately drew me to this book and once I read the synopsis I was hooked.

How To Be Someone Else by Rachel Del was a beautifully written story that revolves around self-discovery, friendship and love that follows Penny and Alex’s story of new beginnings. After Penny’s parents announce their plans to divorce she begins questioning what she’s believed to be true her entire life. This book was told in alternating point-of-views that added a new element to the story. I absolutely adored this aspect of the book because I was able to see both sides of this story unfold. Penny and Alex’s story takes us on a journey that captures your attention from beginning to end!

I strongly recommend this book and hope who ever reads it loves it too. To find out what happens in this amazing book pick up your copy today!



About Rachel Del

Rachel Del is a head-in-the-clouds introvert, homebody and thirty-something writer currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and three-year-old son. Originally from Ontario, Canada she works in publishing, and spends her free time reading, writing and drinking far too much black coffee.

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Review – Prude by Jordan S. Gray


Prude by Jordan S. Gray
Series: Labeled #1
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2016
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Rebecca Washington is a girl in control. Well, at least when it comes to acing her college classes. The rest of the time, she seems to be at the mercy of everyone else. Like when she’s dumped in front of her peers, hit on right afterwards by a jerk for some stupid bet, and then paired up with the same jerk for a lit project.

In order to maintain her perfect GPA, Rebecca will need to give a stellar presentation while ignoring the prodding eyes that will be staring at her. When her partner, Derek, starts to ease her fears of public speaking with his laid back attitude, she’s forced to confront her new feelings about him and his charming smile. Rebecca knows falling for a guy who teases her for being a prudish nerd can only end badly, but what if it’s just another thing out of her control?


In this extraordinary debut novel Prude (Labeled #1) by Jordan S. Gray we meet Rebecca Washington, a college student who is publicly humiliated by her boyfriend of six months dumps her in front of all their peers. If that wasn’t bad enough enter in Derek, a pretty boy jerk who asks for her number immediately following her public humiliation for a stupid bet. Unfortunately, avoiding him isn’t so easy when they are paired together for a class project. She must put their differences aside in order to maintain her GPA and get through their semester project together.

I absolutely adored this story because it was refreshing change from the traditional college romances on the market today. Once I started reading this book, I could hardly manage to put it down because I wanted to know how their story ended! I cannot wait until the second book in this series releases so I can dive back into their world and see how Shayler’s story unfolds…

To find out what happens in this amazing story pick up your copy today!


About Jordan S. Gray

Jordan S Gray is a full time mother, college student, and writer. She never did quite grow out of that emo stage, and considers coffee, punk music, and Taylor Swift to be the necessary fuel for her writing. PRUDE is her debut novel, and you can find her on Twitter @JordanStephanie where she procrastinates most of her adult responsibilities and all of her schoolwork.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



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